Alexis Nielsen Interiors

Upgrading a stair railing

One of my clients has three boys ranging in age from 8 to 2. One of the first things I noticed on our initial consult was how unsafe the railing was at the top of the basement stairs. The railing would move if you leaned on it, and three boys were surely to lean on it and more. So replacing it was a priority. The stairs opened up to the kitchen and dining room. I wanted to better define the space between the two areas, but I didn’t want to block off the stairs completely, since the glass brick window over the stairs provided natural light. My solution was to design a sturdy half wall with a nice cornice and base molding to match the rest of the space. The wall was painted the same color as the main floor, but the window wall was a different color, again to help define the two spaces. The wall is beautiful enough to fit the space and sturdy enough to handle the boys.

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