New Online Design Feature

We excited to announce that we are launching a new online design service called ANI Design Online, a simple and fun way to get design. It was designed for clients who were outside the Chicago area and couldn’t make it in to the studio, but it’s really open to anyone. For a one time fee you complete a project questionnaire and measure and take photos of your space (we’ll tell you how). We then create a 3D rendering of the new space, complete with color, furnishings, lighting, flooring and any other needed design recommendations, and then we also send you a price list for each item and where to buy them. You’ll have 1-2 video chats with Lexi to walk through the design with you and answer questions. There are many virtual design sites out there but with ANI Design Online you get a dedicated designer to help you every step of the way. For more information or if you would like us to send you the questionnaire, please call us at (708) 752-2255 or contact us here!