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Paint and Lighting

This week I attended a great discussion given by Benjamin Moore on lighting and paint. As you may already know, color looks different under different lighting sources –  incandescent, flourescent, halogen. From a design perspective, incandescent lighting –  the old school light bulb – is the best in terms of color rendition. But from an energy perspective, it is the worst lighting option. So much so that it is going away. Completely. Beginning next year, you will no longer be able to buy the 100 watt light bulb. And in 2013, you can say goodbye to the 75 watt. Following that, no more 40 and 60 watts.

Many people have already switched their bulbs to compact fluorescents (CFLs) – those squiggly bulbs that often don’t fit in your lamp properly, sticking out like a sore thumb so you can actually see the bulb.  CFLs are great on energy efficiency but terrible on color rendition. To see what I mean, take a paint swatch and hold it under an incandescent bulb, then do the same under a CFL. Notice how your paint color looks flatter, duller?

So incandescents are going away and CFLs make color look dull. So what is the best option? If you have the choice, go with halogen. Halogen light offers the same type of color rendition as incandescents, but much more energy efficient. If you don’t have the option for halogen, then try to look at your paint color under CFL bulbs before selection.

Light, fantastic!

One of my favorite discoveries is the CFL dimmable floodlight. I am probably one of the last people to know about this fantastic bulb.  I already knew that compact fluorescent lightbulbs were great for the enviroment because they last for a million hours. No, I’m kidding, it’s more like 8,000 hours. But seriously, this bulb could quite possibly live in your house longer than you. What I didn’t know is that I could replace my dimmable pot lights with CFL floods. Yes, they cost a million dollars. No, I’m kidding, they are more like $10 but you shouldn’t have to replace them for several years.

Plus they emit a soft white light, and who doesn’t look better in that?

Hello, gorgeous!

I have a large mirror hanging on one of the walls in our living room. Every morning when I bring my 16 month old downstairs for breakfast, we pause by the mirror so she can wave at herself and say “Hi!” This wasn’t the reason I hung the mirror, but it’s super cute and I love it.

The real reason I hung the mirror was for light. We only have windows on one wall in our living room, and the natural light doesn’t reach into all the corners of the room. But by hanging a mirror on the wall opposite the windows I am able to reflect some more of that natural light into the room , brightening the space. It also helps the room to appear larger.

Of course a huge smile from my little peanut always helps to brighten my day, no matter the light.