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My new favorite find

I went looking for a chaise lounge for a client today and came across Treasure Hunt. This place is amazing. The website doesn’t do it justice: visiting the 10,000 square foot space is a must. I found a fabulous tufted chaise

Isn't this lovely?

and other beautifully kept vintage items, but nothing broke the bank.  Schaumburg isn’t someplace I normally shop because it’s a bit of a haul for me, but at these pieces and at this price, I don’t care. I’ll brave the traffic. That is if I ever get up from this chaise again.

Coolest space saver ever

While working with a client on a closet redesign, we came to that age old question: how do we organize and store all the shoes? She is a simple woman, with, oh, about 200 pairs. I used to be like this. But then I had a baby and somehow my shoe fund disappeared.

Some women like to keep their shoes nice and tidy in the original boxes. Others like to keep their shoes nice and neat in shoe trees or shoe shelves, or I guess, in a nice tidy little pile on the floor. With the exception of the shoe pile, these are great organizing ideas,  but not so great storage ideas. Boxes and trees and storage cubes just take up too much room in my opinion. Room that could be used for other things…like more shoes. (BTW, if you haven’t tried putting a size 10 1/2 in one of these organizers, don’t. They don’t fit. I swear most of those storage things were made by hobbits.)

So imagine how happy we were when we discovered the Rakku shoe wheel. Measuring just over a foot wide and two feet tall, this thing holds 30 pairs. Just slide the thing under your clothes: it’s got wheels on it so you move it anywhere. When you need a pair, just spin the wheel and slide them out. It’s like playing roulette every morning!  Oh, and it takes 10 1/2 sizes like a champ.

Fresh as a Daisy

Outdoor rugs are a great way to freshen up a patio and to bring your great interior decorating style outdoors. With all the overstock sources out there, you can get a great looking rug for not that much money. You can get synthetic, bamboo, hand-made, machine-made, etc. The possibilities, colors, sizes, styles are endless. Have fun shopping!

The one drawback to a rug left outdoors is…smell. Obviously if you leave your rug out there all day, every day, rain and shine, it’s gonna get wet. Wet breeds mildew. And therein lies the smell…er problem.

You can help stave off smells through regular vacuuming and occasional steam cleaning. Vacuuming and cleaning help remove the dirt and mildew that cause the odors. Anther quick tip is to hang your rug over a fence and let it completely dry in the sunlight after a rain. The quicker it dries the less chance of odor.

Enjoy your rug and hopefully the only smells come from the garden and the grill!

The best bookcase ever (isn’t really a bookcase)

It’s the world’s greatest storage unit: the Ikea Expedit bookcase.

I use 12 inch x 12 inch wicker baskets in mine. I stuff them with shoes, toys, remote controls (really, why do we need three remotes to watch tv?) and fabric samples. Fill the cubes or leave them open for pictures, books, vases, whatever. Stand it horizontally for shelving or use it vertically as a media cabinet. Buy it in black, brown, white, or birch, large or small size. Stack them side by side, or whatever your space requirements.

So there. You have no more excuses. Here is a perfect inexpensive solution. Pick up your mess and put away your clutter. Get organized. Look Danish modern chic, shabby chic, cottage chic, or my favorite, just plain neat freak chic.

What the Bleep is Redesign?

Hiring a decorator to spruce up your space may be a lot more economical than you think. Most decorators – myself included – offer redesign solutions. What is that you may say? It’s a fancy term for more affordable but still fabulous design. It’s more affordable because the decorator uses what you already have and usually charges a flat fee per room. Most of you have wonderful pieces in your home – furniture, accessories, art, rugs, lamps, etc – but you aren’t sure what to do with them or how to arrange them. A decorator uses his/her expert eye to make those pieces work together, then give suggestions for color and accessories that would work well with your stuff.

It’s also a great excuse for getting rid of things, like your spouse’s smelly chair from his first apartment. Just say, “It wasn’t me. The decorator made me do it.”

It’s Easy Being Green

Being eco-friendly applies as much in design as it does in the rest of the world. You already know the value of reusing a piece of furniture. It is great for the environment and your budget. Just think: that $400 you were saving for a new sideboard – that you no longer need to buy because you refinished that old console table in your basement – can now stay happily in your bank account. Or happily used on a new light fixture. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Being eco-friendly applies to cleaning that old table too. It’s easy to be earth friendly when you have the lovely cleaning products from Method. Most of their products are made from renewable sources. If they can’t make something from a renewable source, they use a safe, man-made version instead. All their products are safe to people and the environment, 100% vegan and never tested on animals. Plus, they smell lovely and they are easy on the wallet. Go get ’em at Target!

So before you start your spring clean, think green. These days it’s easy to do.

Feng Shui and Spring

In an earlier post I talked about how Feng Shui brings an openness that  is palatable. I have another example for you nonbelievers.  It has to do with removing staleness. Just hear me out:

It’s sixty degrees in Chicago today and it’s still March. Spring is here! Yeah yeah, I know, next week we’ll be back in the forties, probably another snowstorm, that March comes in like a lamb, leaves like a lion, etc. But I don’t care. I am Spring Cleaning today and I. Am. Loving. It. My Spring cleaning is a complete scrubbing/dusting/shaking/mopping/swiping/red knuckles and puckered fingers type of affair. I really get into the nooks and crannies of everything.  Sometimes I find money too.

It’s not just about dusting though. I also move all my furniture around. Yes, all of it. I flip my bed from one end of the room to another. I remove the dressers, then put one back in, maybe the other. I take the rug from the living room and try it in the dining room. It’s manic and crazy exhilarating. Why do I do this? Because it makes my home feel so OPEN and FRESH after a long winter’s run. Suddenly it feels new again. Energized. Like a well-loved shoe with a new sole and some polish. Sometimes I keep the furniture in the new position, sometimes I move it back.  At the end of the day I’m pooped and I look like frightful. But it feels so wonderful. The house is happy. I’m happy. Welcome Spring!

Break it up!

So you’re at the furniture store, getting ready to outfit your master bedroom. Love tax refunds. You see a gorgeous four-poster bed made from maple and stained a rich mocha color. So getting that. Then you see fabulous nightstands stained the same rich brown.  So getting two of those. Well hello 5 drawer dresser! Perfect. Did I mention it’s the same wood and same color?

And so it goes…

STOP! You’re not buying a twinset here! You’re creating your haven, your zen retreat, your OWN SPACE. Take the time to build it, one piece at a time. Nowhere is it written that you have to purchase the entire set just because it’s there. Break it up! Your beautiful wood bed would be so well anchored by some glass, some metal, even some other fine-grained wood! Just take the time to create the space you want, layering it with pieces and fabrics and colors that reflect the mood you want. After all, it’s your home, not a showroom.

If you still crave the matchy matchy, get to work on your sock drawer. Have you seen it in there lately? Yikes.