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Feng Shui: The Command Position

When you sit at your desk, do you face a wall or into the room? Do you feel protected or exposed? Can you concentrate or do you feel distracted? If you aren’t feeling secure or strong, chances are you are facing a wall when you sit, with your back to the room. A quick fix: flip your desk around, so that the wall is now behind you and you are facing into the room. You should feel an immediate change. Why? In feng shui you are now in a command position. You can see everything going on in front of you and nothing can “sneak up” behind you. In business this is a good thing: you are aware of all your business proceedings and you will see if anyone tries to “backstab” you. Sit facing out and as far into the room as possible, so you can see everything that is going on. If you are unable to move your desk or you sit in a cubicle, then hang a small mirror in front of you, so that you can see everything behind you. If you are aware and feel protected then your work will reflect this.

Feng Shui

As many of my friends know, I use feng shui as much as possible in my interior design.  Even if you don’t know how  feng shui works,  it still helps your home to look and feel better. Why? Because the principles of feng shui – good flow – are the same principles that many interior decorators use.

For example, many of you have heard about not putting your bed in the “death position”, which means putting your bed directly opposite the door to your bedroom. In feng shui, this isn’t an auspicious bed position for several reasons. One reason is literal: in ancient times, this is how bodies were laid to rest. Another reason is because it is thought that your spirit will leave you through the door while you sleep.

But you can think of it another way: stand in your doorway with your bed immediately facing you. Does it feel imposing? Restricting? Probably. That’s because you are not being drawn into the room. The bed “stops” you. Move it even a foot or two off-center from the door and notice the change. Does the room seem larger? More airy? More inviting? This is feng shui. Try it. Let me know what you think!