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My new favorite find

I went looking for a chaise lounge for a client today and came across Treasure Hunt. This place is amazing. The website doesn’t do it justice: visiting the 10,000 square foot space is a must. I found a fabulous tufted chaise

Isn't this lovely?

and other beautifully kept vintage items, but nothing broke the bank.  Schaumburg isn’t someplace I normally shop because it’s a bit of a haul for me, but at these pieces and at this price, I don’t care. I’ll brave the traffic. That is if I ever get up from this chaise again.

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  • Lynee Alves on Jul 24, 2010 Reply

    I know EXACTLY where this is and I’ve never been in. Not too far for me to drive, either. Perhaps we can shop there together one day. Will call you soon! THanks for the great info on this place…

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