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Light, fantastic!

One of my favorite discoveries is the CFL dimmable floodlight. I am probably one of the last people to know about this fantastic bulb.  I already knew that compact fluorescent lightbulbs were great for the enviroment because they last for a million hours. No, I’m kidding, it’s more like 8,000 hours. But seriously, this bulb could quite possibly live in your house longer than you. What I didn’t know is that I could replace my dimmable pot lights with CFL floods. Yes, they cost a million dollars. No, I’m kidding, they are more like $10 but you shouldn’t have to replace them for several years.

Plus they emit a soft white light, and who doesn’t look better in that?

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  • Laura on Apr 21, 2010 Reply

    I made this discovery when we bought new ceiling fixtures a few months ago. Love them! Our only problem is that they’re a bit longer than the regular curly CFL bulbs because of the base, so make sure they’ll fit in your fixture. Wait, I’m talking about standard dimmable CFL’s, not flood lights. Are the floods a larger base size too?

    • Alexis on Apr 21, 2010 Reply

      The CLF floods seem to have the same base size as the incandescent floods so there shouldn’t be any size issues. But they do have one slight lighting difference: the CLFs come on a second or two after the regular bulbs. But in houses with old wiring, it’s actually nice because you don’t have to worry about the bulb shorting out!

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