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Good Feng Shui for your Home Office

Do you have a home office? Do you feel like you can’t concentrate when you sit down to work? Then consider the placement of your desk.

Position your desk so that you face the room when you sit down to work. You don’t want to sit facing a wall or in a position that doesn’t allow you a good view of the door, because you will feel that someone or something is “sneaking up on you”. This feeling could manifest in the form of an unforseen bill, a problem with a client or co-worker that you didn’t see coming, or even just a general sense of uneasiness and an inability to concentrate. By sitting in a position that allows you to face the room and see who enters your office you are operating from a commanding position and you will feel a sense that you are “on top of things”!

You also want to place your desk as far into the room as possible. As with above, you want to be able to see as much as the room – and your business – as possible. It’s the power position. (This also applies to a professional office too: make sure the boss doesn’t sit immediately inside the door. The person in charge should always sit furthest in and with a view of the office, so s/he always knows what’s going on with the business.)

Lastly, take a look at the clutter on and around your desk. Clutter blocks creative energy and concentration. Clearing clutter is good feng shui because it allows clear thinking and creative ideas to flow, good things to happen if you want ideas to generate new business – and money!

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  • Anne White on Apr 04, 2011 Reply

    Ah, yet again you have inspired me to take a hard look at the desk(s) and, mostly, the clutter in our lives here. It feels so good when things are positioned properly and in there place and o, so dreadful when not. A great message for the beginning of the week.

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