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Feng shui and your front door

Since we’re finally all out there getting our yards ready for spring plantings  – yay! –  I thought it was a good time to address your front door. Your front door says a lot about the amount of good chi – good & positive energy – being attracted into your home.

Good chi is attracted to well-lit doorways.  If you have a bulb blown out or a porch light that doesn’t work or just a poorly lit entryway, get it fixed. Poor lighting attracts sha- negative energy.  Turn your porch light on at dusk and keep it on all night. Make sure your doorway is clear of clutter, in good order and easy for people to maneuver. Don’t let old furniture, broken mail boxes, worn welcome mats or peeling paint settle in your doorway. Clear out old leaves, dirt, debris. Fix crumbling concrete steps or decaying wood rails. Make your entryway as inviting and pleasing as possible to attract good feng shui into your home.

Is there anything immovable obstructing the path to your doorway, such as a telephone pole or a retaining wall? These things will hinder the chi flowing into your home. Hang a wind chime or crystal either between your door and the obstruction or as close to the obstruction as possible. Wind chimes and crystals are used often in feng shui to correct negative energy. They deflect bad chi and circulate good chi.

Does your home sit at the end of two roads that form a T junction right in front of your door? The straight line of the T junction throws too much chi your home, too quickly. To slow down and deflect the energy, hang a mirror above your door. You can also hang a wind chime or crystal, or plant some bushes or trees between your front door and the road.

These are just a few simple remedies to make sure your home attracts good feng shui.  Try some of the changes – the feeling from stagnant or poor feng shui to good chi is palatable!

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  • Alexis Nielsen Interiors on Apr 19, 2011 Reply

    A front door facing south is the most auspicious direction and red is the most auspicious color in feng shui. It is associated with fire, life, happiness, warmth and the direction south, so if you have a door facing south, definitely paint it red! But if your door doesn’t face south, you can still paint it red for all its good chi intentions. Happy painting Julie!

  • Julie on Apr 18, 2011 Reply

    What direction should my door face if we are going to paint it red?

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