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Can a girl live without dryer sheets?

I have been trying to for about a week now. I have to say so far it’s going okay, although I do have to hunt longer for missing socks and small items that like to attach themselves to the inside of pant legs and pillowcases. The other day I was out and about and reached into my pocket for my cell phone. Instead I pulled out a pair of undies. Funny when you’re with a girlfriend, not so funny when you’re with a male client.

My reasoning for trying to go without dryer sheets is twofold. First, I can’t find a dryer sheet manufacturer that doesn’t test on animals. So if anyone knows of one, I’m all ears. Second, it’s an added expense and I am trying to cut down on all unneccessary products. Yes, I know a box of dryer sheets is like $5 but there you have it.

So I was really excited when I saw these on Etsy. They are made of 100% pure virgin wool and are non toxic and eco friendly. You toss a few in with your laundry. I am very excited to try them out. You can purchase them from LuckyHanks.

What does this have to do with decorating? Well, nothing really, except that I’m in full spring cleaning mode and that includes laundry! Whee!

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