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5 Feng Shui Spring Clean Tips

How great would it be if there was a service that would come box up your winter furnishings, like you do with your coats and sweaters and such, and store them while you enjoy your summer stuff? I would so love to put my favorite soft and warm microfiber sofa into storage and trot out a wicker or bamboo loveseat, perhaps painted a high gloss pink with ticking fabric, in its place for the warm months. Super impractical but until I can afford my summer home on Martha’s Vineyard I may need to improvise. In the meantime here are a few things that I like to do from a feng shui perspective to shrug off old man winter:

  1. Roll up my rugs. My wool rugs after a winter are fuzzy petri dishes. All the dirt, salt, snow, mud, shoe gunk and whatever the dog has been picking out of his paws has been secured so tightly in the fiber nooks and crannies that there is no way anything short of a deep professional clean is gonna render them house friendly again. So I roll them up and take them to the basement where my lovely local at home service cleaner will come over and bomb them clean. Why do I take them to the basement? Because I like to give the floors a break. I like to clean my wood floors and expose them to the air so that they have a chance to wear like the non covered parts. Clean bare floors also gives the room a fresh new feel.
  2. Have fresh flowers everywhere. My house looks like a nursery pooped up in here. I love fresh super cheap flowers from Trader Joe’s. I have them all over the house. Fresh flowers are an instant room energizer. And because they are so cute and cheap at TJs I can get them weekly.  I toss them as soon as they turn blah. In feng shui having dead flowers around is a no no.
  3. Flip my fans.  If your fans have been operating properly during the winter you had them rotating clockwise. Now is the time to reverse their direction, so that they run counterclockwise, in order pull the warm air up. Open those windows too, in order to get a good cross flow. This gets the air (and energy, in feng shui speak) circulating well throughout the home. Warning: if you haven’t been keeping up with the dust on those winter blades, you are gonna have some serious wiping to do. Use a wet paper towel to damp down the dust and dirt so that they don’t get all over your clean bare floors (see #1).
  4. Flip my mattresses. Flipping mattresses is a pain. That is why I only do it a couple times a year. But it’s a good thing to do so that the mattress wears uniformly. Also in feng shui it’s good to use all your things in rotation, like the burners on your stove. It helps balance the energy throughout a space.

I love this photo of the great Lucille Ball. I too make this face when I realize I need to clean my fan blades.

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